2 x 4amp Dimmers 2 x 4amp Dimmers
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  • 2 x 4amp Dimmers - Image 1
Q Engineering Minidim

2 x 4amp Dimmers

Product ID: MD204
Brand: Q Engineering Minidim

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Q Engineering
2 x 4amp Dimmers

MD204 – 2 Channel Dimming Module


Standard DIN rail mounting
Size 106 x 90 x 60 weight 750gm
Two channel of 1000 watt (4 amps) dimmers
Dims resistive, inductive and low voltage electronic transformer loads that are compatible with leading edge dimmers
Circuit protection installed separately as required
Quiet operation
Terminals accept up to 4mm2 cable

Plastic modulo box


Operating temperature 0 ~ 40 deg.C; 85% relative humidity.
ROHS, EMC compliant CE, CTICK and manufactured to ISO 9002 standard

Connect to Minidim MDCM controller with RJ45 modular plug.
Connect single-phase supply to ANE screw terminals.
Connect loads to dimmed active outputs D1 and D2.
Requires separate 3-way neutral bar and 3-way earth bar.

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