96ch Unity Installation Cabinet with Power and Signal distribution. 96ch Unity Installation Cabinet with Power and Signal distribution.
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LSC Lighting Systems

96ch Unity Installation Cabinet with Power and Signal distribution.

Product ID: UIR96
Brand: LSC Lighting Systems

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96 channel Unity Installation Rack.  Ready to be loaded with 1 x UCM and users choice of 8 x UDM/ULM/USM modules.

UNITY Installation Rack

The LSC UNITY Installation Rack (UIR) is a member of the UNITY Modular Power System and is designed to accept any of the 12-channel modules, including the UNITY Dimmer/TruPower Module, UNITY Switching Module, UNITY LED Dimmer/TruPower Module and UNITY Control Module.

The UIR units are available in two sizes to provide a medium to high-density installation wired to accept one UCM control module (no redundant spare required when using DMX) and either four or eight traditional dimmers, LED dimmers or switch modules (UDM, ULM or USMs).

These options provide either 48 or 96 channels of power control.

The unique construction of the unit with its hinged termination panels, permits full access to the wiring area at the rear of the rack during installation.

  • Medium/High density racking system for dimming and power control
  • Two sizes providing slots for fitting 4 or 8 power modules and one control module
  • Each module location can accept UDM, USM or ULM UNITY modules
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Only front access required for installation and service
  • Modules plug in with self-aligning connectors that also allow for ‘hot-disconnect’
  • Multiple low-speed fans for quiet operation
  • Individual 3-phase breaker for each module location
  • Individually wired Neutrals for Neutral Disconnect or RCBO installations
  • Corrosion-resistant steel finished in powder-coating with hard-wearing polycarbonate front panel lexan
  • RCBO per channel or optional Neutral Disconnect as required
  • Local and remote error reporting including circuit breaker tripped

There are three dedicated 12-channel modules available including a dimmer/switch module (UDM), a relay module (USM) and the LED dimmer module.

  • Circuit breaker monitoring – any tripped circuit breaker is reported and indicated by a flashing red LED on the module’s front panel
  • Zero cross-switching – ensures that switched power circuits are turned on at the zero-cross point to minimise nuisance tripping when circuits are relay controlled
  • All configuration items are stored locally in the dimmer module and each dimmer receives DMX, meaning the system is not dependent on the UCM for operation
  • Individual channel indicator LED on front panel showing mode (dimming or power), tripped circuit breaker, phase fail and channel drive
  • Hot swappable – unit automatically switches off when removed
  • Operates with one or more phases present regardless of phase rotation
  • Front panel quarter-turn camlocks to secure module in place and enable module to power up


  • Modules have a pushbutton located above each of the breakers that can be pushed to immediately bring up the configuration for that channel on the UCM display.
  • Channels can also be set to switch ON automatically as soon as a valid DMX signal is applied and OFF when the DMX signal is no longer present
  • All modules - UDM, USM & ULM offer RCBO protection per channel
  • Optional Neutral Disconnect MCBs are available upon request.
  • All modules can be ‘hot-swapped’ and plug in with self-centering connectors
  • Quick release front panel ¼ turn Camlocks to secure module in place and enable power
  • Inputs can be single or dual DMX, ArtNet or sACN
  • Cabinet option of 48 channels or 96 channels
  • Central monitoring and control can be provided remotely over RDM or Ethernet
  • Rugged all-metal construction
  • Made in Australia with a full two-year warranty


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