AG008S Salmon Dark AG008S Salmon Dark
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  • AG008S Salmon Dark - Image 1

AG008S Salmon Dark

Product ID: AG008S
Brand: Ashgel

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AG008S   Salmon   Dark

Enhances dark skin tones,   Sunsets,   Ballroom sets 

Our original range of lighting filters tried and tested within the lighting industry over the past 15 years.
We manufacture on a high-grade polymeric base material using a wide range of accurate and consistent colourants for optimum performance and life.

Sophisticated quality control systems ensure consistency of colour batch to batch and all our lighting filters are manufactured to BS3944.

This range of lighting filters are available in
Sheets   AGxxxS   1.2metres x 50cm
Rolls       AGxxxR     1.2metres x 7.6metres - please contact us for roll pricing and availability 

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