Houston X is a Mac or Windows software tool for LSC products - HSX Houston X is a Mac or Windows software tool for LSC products - HSX
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Houston X is a Mac or Windows software tool for LSC products - HSX

Product ID: HSX
Brand: LSC Lighting Systems

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Your Mission Control


HOUSTON X is the glue that binds the entire LSC Pro Range together. HOUSTON X is a monitoring and remote configuration tool that works with APS, GEN VI, MDR-DIN, LED-CV4, Mantra Mini, UNITOUR and UNITY.


Giving you the absolute authority to interrogate, monitor and instantly change parameters of connected products, HOUSTON X is the central overseer of your venue’s equipment. Quickly locate and isolate faults, monitor temperatures, phase loadings, change a channel from dimmer to power-switching mode (TruPower), save or recall show configurations – all from one central location or remotely via internet.

The spreadsheet-style user interface of HOUSTON X allows faster configuration of devices. Drag down a column to select a range of channels, then use a single mouse click to change the curve, set the mode or patch a DMX address.

Some LSC products have additional functionality enabled when licensed to operate with HOUSTON X. The GEN VI dimmers have additional dimmer curves, as well as one-click mode setting to set the unit to TruPower and AutoPower in one operation. The LED-CV4 allows 8-bit or 16-bit mode selection, as well as power limits and fade curves. The APS provides one-click mode selection for on/off/auto power/DMX control. All products allow the individual channels to be named for easy identification.

Create many different set-ups, multiple shows or even a standard house patch and change the entire venue’s dimmers and distros in a matter of seconds with a simple click of a button. No more running around a venue and resetting or reconfiguring equipment before the next show bumps in. All conveniently done from a central location, whether it is an office-based computer or portable device connected via Wi-Fi.

Designed to run on Windows and Mac platforms today, HOUSTON X will provide the added convenience of mobile technology by supporting Android and iOS tablets in the future. Carry your device with you and be alerted immediately when a fault occurs. Set or change parameters of the rig whilst you are on stage during rehearsals. No need to be hardwired connected!



  • compatible with GEN VI, APS, UNITOUR, UNITY, LED-CV4, MDR-DIN, Mantra Mini, NEXUS and QX1
  • remote monitor connected products within the system for faults, such as over temperature, loss of phase supply and circuit breaker trip
  • remotely configure connected products within the system via Ethernet and/or RDM
  • configure many individual products as one larger product, for example, four 12-channel GEN VI dimmers can be configured as one 48-way unit
  • create, name and save multiple show configurations
  • recall different show configurations in a matter of seconds
  • all status indicators on all connected LSC products are replicated in HOUSTON X
  • quick overview in HOUSTON X of all fault indicators – new as “red”, acknowledged “yellow” and all good “green” faults are reported in a single unified list on HOUSTON X with the date and time of the occurrence
  • every channel of every device can be named and stored – sort by name, dimmer curve, max/min levels or other parameters
  • access advanced features not generally available from the product’s user interface, i.e., select more dimmer curves on HOUSTON X than what is available on a standard GEN VI dimmer
  • use HOUSTON X as the local user interface for a LED-CV4 dimmer


  • software runs on Windows and Mac computers android and iOS tablets coming soon
  • connect to the rig via any third-party Art-RDM enabled interface (not just the LSC NEXUS units)
  • compatible with Pathport RDM enabled nodes (coming soon)
  • run HOUSTON X on multiple computers/devices around the venue, i.e., one in the technical manager's office, one in the control bio-box and one at the stage manager's desk
  • basic RDM interface via LSC QX1 node, providing a low-cost, dedicated RDM-only connection for installation technicians configuring new systems
  • advanced RDM interface via LSC NEXUS 5-port Ethernet node, providing an in-line interface whereby two inputs can be configured to receive DMX512 signals in from any brand/model controller and two outputs can be configured to transmit the DMX512 signals merged with RDM data out to the rig
  • HOUSTON X is licensed to individual LSC products on an annual basis – the license must be renewed every 12 months

peace of mind

  • designed and developed in Australia by LSC – an Australian-owned company with over 40 years’ experience in developing world-first products



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