ILD15 Lift _ Elevator Induction Loop Driver ILD15 Lift _ Elevator Induction Loop Driver
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  • ILD15 Lift _ Elevator Induction Loop Driver - Image 1
  • ILD15 Lift _ Elevator Induction Loop Driver - Image 2
  • ILD15 Lift _ Elevator Induction Loop Driver - Image 3
  • ILD15 Lift _ Elevator Induction Loop Driver - Image 4
  • ILD15 Lift _ Elevator Induction Loop Driver - Image 5

ILD15 Lift _ Elevator Induction Loop Driver

Product ID: ILD15BB
Brand: Ampetronic

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ILD15   Lift / Elevator Induction Loop Driver

The ILD15 audio induction loop driver is a rugged amplifier primarily for OEM lift/elevator applications or other rugged industrial environments. Correctly installed it will provide full area coverage in most lifts to IEC60118-4.

The amplifier is constructed of a very robust steel housing, with vibration isolating connections and mountings to protect electronic connections, and is further protected by a 5 year warranty from Ampetronic. The amplifier has 2 independently controlled transformer isolated inputs. The audio system is designed for excellent intelligibility and includes metal loss frequency compensation to correct for the metal structure of the lift car. Battery backup is available as an integral option if required.

The magnetic field strength and distribution in a lift car will be highly dependent on installation method and the construction of the lift car. It is strongly recommended that you contact Ampetronic for free technical support and advice on the best methodology and design for your specific application.

N.B. The ILD15 solution may require a detailed application review by Ashton Audio and Ampetronic to ensure optimum operation in your application.

  • Robust industrial housing and vibration protection

  • 5 year warranty

  • 2 transformer isolated inputs (low impedance speaker line and 100V line options)

  • Metal loss correction

  • Battery backup option

  • Free support and installation advice

  • Full area coverage to IEC60118-4



The ILD15 can be supplied with or without an integral battery back up system.

230V Power Option

Nominal supply voltage

230 V 45-65 Hz


T 100 mA L

Supply current (max)

83 mA

Supply current (quiescent)

70 mA

115V Option

Nominal supply voltage

115 V 45-65 Hz


T 200 mA L

Supply current (max)

166 mA

Supply current (quiescent)

140 mA

Battery Backup Option

The ILD15 can be ordered with battery backup (ILD15BB) or without (ILD15NB)

Battery capacity

2 Ah 12 V

Battery life

12 hours standby plus 30 minutes full power speech operation

Power indicator

LED inside unit indicates power status


Custom charging circuit to optimise battery life



Loop Bars

2 or 4 bar loop assemblies built to fit the lift and can be finished in the same colour as lift Interior.


Standards compliance

The ILD15NB and ILD15BB are CE marked to all relevant safety and EMC standards.
The ILD15NB and ILD15BB will meet the requirements of IEC60118-4 and the relevant recommendations of BS7594 if specified and installed according to Ampetronic’s instructions.

Recommended installation – full area coverage / perimeter loop

The ILD15 is designed to provide full area coverage of the lift car by driving a single turn loop around the perimeter of the lift car positioned at ceiling height. The loop must be placed inside the lift car behind non-metallic trim. The loop must not be behind metal panels or inside a metal enclosure in the roof space as this normally causes unacceptable reduction and distortion of the magnetic field.

There are two standard options for the loop itself:


The most robust solution is to attach custom built stainless steel loop bars to the ceiling inside the lift. Loop bars can be custom designed and supplied by Ampetronic to fit your specific requirements. Loop bars provide a robust and aesthetically pleasing solution with excellent performance.


In some lifts it is possible to fit a single coil of 2.5 mm2 loop cable inside the lift behind non-metallic trim, or in rare cases inside the roof space if non-metallic.

Localised area coverage installation

Where an area coverage loop can not be installed, the ILD15 can be used to drive a smaller loop placed on or inside non-metallic wall panels or trim (for this type of application it is also possible to use other lower cost Ampetronic amplifiers if the high level of robustness and battery backup of the ILD15 is not required).

This style of installation restricts the useful magnetic field to an area no more than 1m from the loop coil, making such a small loop ineffective for large lifts and for use with a Public Address system or for safety communications such as a Voice Evacuation System.

Installation behind a metal panel or metal trim will rarely produce an effective magnetic field with any amplification method. Please contact Ampetronic for detailed guidance on the best installation method for your lift car or industrial environment.

ILD15 Specifications


Two versions are available:
Standard version: 1 x low Z, 1 x 100 V line input
Low level version: 2 x low Z input

Low Z speaker input

Input impedance: 5kΩ differential
Sensitivity: -20 dBu (78 mVrms) for full output
Overload: >+19 dBu (6.8 Vrms) 
adjustment made on control panel under lid 
Isolation : 1500V

100V line PA Input

Input impedance: 136 kΩ
Sensitivity +23 dBu (11 Vrms) for full output
Overload: >+48 dBu (190 Vrms)
adjustment made on control panel
Isolation : 1500 V



Drive voltage

1.5 V peak at max drive current

Drive current

• >9 A peak with 1 kHz sine
• Adjusted on control panel under lid
• LED indicator on control panel

Loop connector

Vibration proof terminal blocks



Freq. response

80 Hz to 5 kHz ± 1.5 dB relative to 1 kHz at low level, measured as loop current with no metal loss correction

Automatic Gain Control

AGC optimised for speech
Dynamic range 40 dB
LED indicator on front panel inside lid

Metal Loss Correction

0 dB to 3 dB / octave boost
Adjusted on control panel inside lid




Convection cooled


Width 190 mm, length 255 mm, height 90 mm


ILD15NB: 3 kg
ILD15BB: 3.8 kg


IP43: 0 to 90% relative humidity, -30 to 75 °C


Ashton Audio
 in conjunction with Ampetronic can design your induction loop system for you.  Simple induction loop designs are free, complex array systems will be charged for at a nominal rate.  You can request a design through our 'Contact Us' Enquiry Form.
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