LNET General Purpose Input module. 8 GPI inputs. LNET General Purpose Input module. 8 GPI inputs.
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LSC Lighting Systems

LNET General Purpose Input module. 8 GPI inputs.

Product ID: LNET-EIM
Brand: LSC Lighting Systems
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LNET General Purpose Input module. Provides 8 GPI inputs (voltage free momentary contact closure) for interfacing LNET to BMS or relay controls.

The LNET range of products from LSC lighting offer an extension to the functionality of the EKO and ePlates network. LNET is the backbone communication system which the EKO, TEKO and e24v2/v3 dimmers, LNET interfaces, Houston and ePlates use to talk to each other.


LNET Modules

  • LNET232 – an RS232 to LNET interface. This module will allow an RS232 based system to send messages into the LNET network so as to trigger system wide memories.
  • LNET/EIM – an External Interface Module. This module will allow momentary action dry contact closure systems (such as cinema projectors or BMS systems) to trigger memories inside the LNET system.
  • LNET/HUB – a device which allows the normally daisy chained network to be a star connected network. This module is particularly useful to optimise cable routing in larger systems.
  • LNET/USB – a module to convert USB data to the LNET system. This module is used with a computer when programming the system (using toolbox software) and monitoring the system (using Houston).
  • LNET/PSU – a power booster module which is used to supplement the network voltage for larger or longer cable runs.

All these modules work together with the EKO/TEKO/e24v2/v3 dimmers, Houston and ePlates to form small and simple networks to large and complex networks. They assist with system diagnosis and isolation when required and help to solve certain network logistics issues which can sometimes degrade the system performance.


LNET Module Features

  • All modules are housed in standard 6 DIN Module wide case suitable for TS35 DIN rail mounting.
  • All modules are fully compatible with the LNET network of EKO, TEKO, e24v3/v3 dimmers, Houston software and ePlate wallplate controls.
  • Line powered from the combined power supplies with the EKO dimmers or from the LNET/PSU module.
  • LNET/232
    • Provides RS232 interface for B.A.S. and other 3rd party control solutions.
    • DB9 RS232 port with LNET DCE connection utilising LSC's L232 command protocol.
    • 2 x RJ45 connectors for LNET interface
    • Front panel status LEDs
    • Provides 8 momentary action dry contact closure inputs for remote control
    • 10mA dry contact closure trigger
    • Phoenix brand plug in screw terminal connectors for contact inputs
    • 2 x RJ45 connectors for LNET interface
    • Front panel status LEDs
    • Allows for star topology wiring to be used instead of, or in combination with, daisy-chain topology
    • 5 LNET ports on RJ45 connectors allow for connection to the host system and up to 4 spurs
    • Self termination of each spur line
    • Front panel status LEDs
    • Provides a USB to LNET interface for Houston and/or Toolbox software to communicate with the networked devices
    • USB Type B connection for connection to PC via a standard USB Type A-B cable
    • Line powerered by LNET or USB
    • Front panel status LEDs
    • Provides additional power to LNET devices connected to the network
    • Required if the ratio of unpowered devices exceeds the number of powered devices by more than 4:1
    • Single or 3 phase (for redundancy) 240/415v AC input
    • Output is +24v DC @ 1.0A (25w)
    • Feeds output to the LNET bus via RJ45 connectors.


Interface RS232 Dry contact closure LNET USB Power
Connector type DB9 Plug-in screw terminals RJ45 x 5 Type B Plug-in screw terminals
LNET Termination switch alt alt Automatic  alt alt  
LNET Data termination LED indicator alt alt N/A  alt  alt 
LNET Data indicator LED alt alt alt alt alt
RS232/USB Tx and Rx data indicator LEDs alt alt alt alt alt
EIM trigger indicators - 8 individual LEDs alt alt alt alt alt
Individual Data and Overload indicator LEDs per LNET port alt  alt  alt  alt  alt 
Power indicator LED alt alt alt alt alt
LNET 2pole DC power connector/s 2 2 2 2 2
LNET RJ45 connector/s 2 2 5 2 2
Dimensions W x H x D

115mm x 90mm x 60mm

Weight 0.5kg
Operating Voltage 12-24v DC.  Power is provided by the LNET network 240/415v AC
Power Consumption 5w maximum (all LEDs illuminated)



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