Loop-Pad  Flexible Hearing Loop Pad Loop-Pad Flexible Hearing Loop Pad
3.5 stars - "Review for Loop-Pad Flexible Hearing Loop Pad" This Loop-Pad Flexible Hearing Loop Pad is the best System Types I have tried.
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  • Loop-Pad  Flexible Hearing Loop Pad - Image 1

Loop-Pad Flexible Hearing Loop Pad

Product ID: Loop-Pad
Brand: Univox
From: $95.70 AUD

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Loop-Pad  Flexible Hearing Loop Pad

The Univox CLS-1 and Loop-Pad are the perfect combination for domestic use.   The ultra-compact CLS-1 loop amplifier easily connects to a TV, or Hi-Fi as well as supporting the use of an external microphone.   The CLS-1 can be used with a Loop-Pad, which can sit under a cushion or a sofa, or it can be used with conventional installed loop cable. Univox Domestic Loop Systems are covered by a 2.5 year warranty.

The Univox Loop-Pad can be used under counters or desks for commercial applications, or under a cushion or sofa for domestic use.   The Loop-Pad contains 10 series connected cables enclosed in a grey durable fabric.   10m cable with 2 pin DIN to suit CLS-1 loop amplifier.   Dimensions: 400 x 400 x 5mm.


Flexible hearing loop

Univox® Loop Pad can be used wherever you need a delimited hearing loop in a room. The loop - 10 serial connected cables - is enclosed inside a case of grey, durable fabric.

The product is used with CTC systems for counters, desks and cashiers. The pad is mounted with double-sided adhesive tape or staple gun. The connection cable can be cut to preferred length and connected to the terminal.

For domestic use it can be connected to a TV, radio or other audio devices. The pad is placed in a sofa or chair.

Ashton Audio in conjunction with univox by EDIN can design your induction loop system for you.  Simple induction loop designs are free, complex array systems will be charged for at a nominal rate.  You can request a design through our 'Contact Us' Enquiry Form. 



  • Loop pad for connection to a loop driver

  • Thin, but durable grey fabric

  • Loop area: 350 x 350 mm

  • Input: 2-pole DIN

  • Connection cable: 10 m

  • Pad size: 400 x 400 x 5 mm



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