MDR Factory Fitted Option - MDR Splitter RDM upgrade kit. MDR Factory Fitted Option - MDR Splitter RDM upgrade kit.
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LSC Lighting Systems

MDR Factory Fitted Option - MDR Splitter RDM upgrade kit.

Product ID: MDR-RDM
Brand: LSC Lighting Systems
From: $195.00 AUD

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The MDR range of splitters are DMX512A (ANSI E1-11) compatible data splitters available in a 19” rack mount model or in a compact portable model. These splitters are the world's first field upgradeable splitters to offer RDM functionality as an option.

The MDR range can be purchased with or without RDM functionality installed. If purchased without RDM it can be installed at any time in the future, using just a screwdriver.

All MDR units offer an inbuilt DMX termination switch and a choice of 5-pin or 3-pin XLR style input and output connectors. A pass through connector allows multiple units to be connected together to create a greater number of isolated outputs. A dedicated 10-way rack mount permanent installation model is also available with Ethercon RJ45 input and output connectors.

The portable model offers truss mounting capabilities either via velcro straps or the separately available hook-clamp adaptor. Ideal for those situations where cable simplification is necessary, the truss mount unit is designed to fit standard 50mm (2") tubing.

The fully isolated DMX outputs ensure that no matter which vintage DMX products you have, you will not have any earth loop problems.



  • World’s first RDM field upgradeable DMX splitter
  • Buy it now without RDM installed (Don’t pay for something you don’t need). If you never need RDM then you haven’t wasted your money.
  • The most ‘future-proof’ DMX-512A splitter available.
    Buy it now as a DMX-512A splitter with fully isolated outputs.
    Add RDM now or next week, next year or whenever you need it.
  • Internal 85-264v AC 45-65Hz universal power supply with UL approval
  • Optional Hook Clamp adapter
  • Safety Wire attachment point on Truss Mount version.
  • Fully opto/earth-isolated input & individually opto/earth isolated outputs
  • Lightweight, high strength moulded plastic case for the truss version.
  • Sturdy folded metal case for the rack-mount versions.
  • Made in Australia
  • RDM data direction indicator LEDs
  • RDM disable switch
  • Single RS422/EIA485 input suitable for DMX512A compatible protocols.
  • Integrated input termination switch with termination active LED.
  • DMX thru connector allowing more MDR splitters to be cascaded.
  • Five / Ten EIA485 data outputs suitable for DMX512A compatible protocols.
  • Output XLR connector options of 5 pin, 3pin or mixed.
  • Output circuits are EMI filtered and current limited to protect against short circuits.
  • LED indicators for DMX, Power, DMX Termination and DMX/RDM data activity.
  • Conforms to the latest DMX/RDM standards.
  • CE and Ctick approved.
  • Full 2 year factory warranty


Number of buffered outputs
5 5 10 10
Input and thru connectors
5 Pin XLR standard - 3-pin XLR options available RJ45 Ethercon
Output connectors
5 Pin XLR standard - 3-pin XLR options available RJ45 Ethercon
RDM Option
Inbuilt DMX termination switch
DMX Protocol
ANSI DMX512A Standard E1.11:2008 (R2013)
RDM Protocol
ANSI RDM Standard E1.20:2010
Termination active LED
DMX512 data LED
All inputs and all outputs isolated
Galvanic Isolation barrier
1500 Volts
Short circuit protected
DMX512A compatible
Universal Input power supply
85-264 VAC
Auto input frequency selection
Power supply on LED
CE, Ctick
PowerCon Input Power Connector option
Chassis style
Truss or stand alone 1RU 19" Rack
Construction Style
High strength ABS plastic material 1RU Folded metal chassis.
Physical Dimensions
mm 320 x 123 x 53 480 x 114 x 44
inches 12.6" x 4.9" x 2.1" 19" x 4.5" x 1.75"
Actual Weight
gm 650gm 1.5kg
lb 1.45lb 3.3lb
Shipping Dimensions
mm 515 x 190 x 65mm
inches 20.2" x 7.5" x 2.6"
Shipping Weight Australia
Shipping Weight International
gm 1.2kg 2.0kg
lb 2.65lb 4.4lb



Operators Manual

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