MLD5 MultiLoop Driver 2 x 5Arms for areas up to 360m sq MLD5 MultiLoop Driver 2 x 5Arms for areas up to 360m sq
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  • MLD5 MultiLoop Driver 2 x 5Arms for areas up to 360m sq - Image 2
  • MLD5 MultiLoop Driver 2 x 5Arms for areas up to 360m sq - Image 3
  • MLD5 MultiLoop Driver 2 x 5Arms for areas up to 360m sq - Image 4
  • MLD5 MultiLoop Driver 2 x 5Arms for areas up to 360m sq - Image 1
  • MLD5 MultiLoop Driver 2 x 5Arms for areas up to 360m sq - Image 2
  • MLD5 MultiLoop Driver 2 x 5Arms for areas up to 360m sq - Image 3
  • MLD5 MultiLoop Driver 2 x 5Arms for areas up to 360m sq - Image 4

MLD5 MultiLoop Driver 2 x 5Arms for areas up to 360m sq

Product ID: MLD5
Brand: Ampetronic

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MLD5 MultiLoop Driver   2 x 5Arms for areas up to 360m sq

The MLD5 is part of the new benchmark range for professional audio induction loop systems. The elegant, sturdy units feature the most compact and most robust design on the market, requiring only a single 19” rack mount.

The MLD5 is capable of driving a wide variety of multiple loop configurations from multiple simple loops to phase shifted array systems for the most challenging requirements. With an Ampetronic MultiLoop™ Low Loss design, the MLD5 will drive an area up to 360m2, or can be used to drive two perimeter looped areas of up to 420m2 each.Designed to provide optimum efficiency and ample current for standard compliant field strength, coupled with unmatched voltage headroom to ensure crystal clear sound reproduction without clipping or distortion at practical loads. MLD units are built to our exacting standards and are backed by our 5 year warranty.
The flexibility of Ampetronic MLD units allows each output channel to drive separate loops, or two drive two overlaid loop patterns, with or without the selectable phase shift between the two channels.Two separate simple area loops (or perimeter loops) can be driven at the same phase or with 90° phase shift. This can be used to cover large areas with no metal losses, or multiple different areas in the same facility.Two loop layouts can be driven configured as multiple loop segments with or without phase shift. Simple array, low loss array or low spill array designs can create different performance to optimise field strength
over any area, and minimise loop ‘spill’ for adjacent systems or for confidentiality.
Most commonly used design types are low loss and low spill:
MultiLoop™ Low Loss Systems are used to:
  • Compensate for high losses due to metal structures
  • Drive large areas where perimeter loops cause too much variation

MultiLoop™ Low Spill Systems are used to:
  • Perform the same tasks as a Low Loss systems, but also minimise ‘spill’
    – confines signal to within 1.5m of looped area, suitable for adjacent rooms e.g. cinemas, classrooms, or confidential applications.
Maximum area coverage for MLD5 MultiLoop™ systems (m2)
Loop DesignNo Metal Loss*Moderate Metal Loss**High Metal Loss***
Low Loss360110n/a
Low Spill500190n/a
Perimeter Loop @ 1:1 Aspect Ratio2 x 250max 5m loop widthn/a
Perimeter Loop @ 3:1 Aspect Ratio2 x 420max 5m loop widthn/a
Typical scenarios are based on *a building with no structural metal, **a building with reinforced concrete (re-bar) construction.


  • Drives 2 output channels at 5ARMS each, featuring accurate and stable 90° phase shift
  • Up to 360m2 MultiLoop™ area coverage
  • Upto 2 x 420m2 Perimeter Loop area coverage
  • Space saving 1U rack mount unit, the most space efficient loop driver available
  • Front inlet & rear exhaust fan cooling for true rack mount integration
  • Rack mount or free standing installation
  • Can be used with or without phase shift to drive independent loops
  • Optimised to reproduce speech frequencies with unmatched intelligibility
  • Supreme musical reproduction
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Metal loss correction
  • Active loop error monitoring & dual loop fault detection at start-up
  • Versatile input selection
    • 2 x XLR balanced mic / line switchable inputs
  • Low lifetime costTested to, and compliant with: IEC 62489-1 induction loop amplifier performance standard
    • Based on proven technology to ensure excellent reliability
    • 5 year warranty
  • Free technical support

Applications include

  • Conference facilities
  • Stadia & Sports Halls
  • Cinemas & Theatres
  • Courts & Confidentiality
  • Classrooms & Lecture Halls
  • Airports & Railway Stations

Equipment supplied as standard

  • Handbook and installation instructions
  • 197 x 252mm loop system present sign (deaf logo)
  • Region specific mains cable
  • Loop connector for each output
  • Rack mount brackets
  • Status Connector
  • DC Connector

MLD5 optional accessories

Ampetronic can supply a range of accessories to meet the specific needs of your installation:

Installation Accessories

  • 18mm x 0.25mm copper tape
  • PVC extrusion to protect copper tape
  • Installation / warning tape to fix cable or tape to a floor
Input adaptors
By using the appropriate input adaptor or preamplifier the MLD9 will accept multiple additional inputs or audio inputs from other sources:

Input Type


100V line input
Low impedance speaker line 
Line Level
ATT-UX transformer isolated attenuators
Unbalanced microphonesMAT1 adaptor

Standards compliance

This product is designed to form part of a system that can meet all of the requirements of the international loop performance standard IEC60118-4:2006, and the relevant parts of BS7594. To fully meet requirements of these standards, correct design, installation, commissioning and maintenance are required.All specification data has been compiled in accordance with IEC62489-1, the international standard for audio frequency induction loop equipment. Specification data should only be compared with data compliant to this standard.This product is CE market to all relevant safety and EMC standards, and is NRTL(ETL) approved for sale in North America.
For detailed information on approvals, standards compliance and how to interpret the technical parameters on Ampetronic datasheets, please visit the support section of our website or contact 



Power160W 230V AC nominal, 45-65Hz [120V option available]
Power switch & LED indicator (Hearing Loop logo) on front panel
Input 1 & 2 
Programmable Microphone / Line
XLR balanced input with programmable 15dB gain boost switchable between microphone and line on the rear panel.
Microphone specification; 200 - 600Ω, sensitivity -55dBu.
Selectable 12V phantom power on microphone only
Line sensitivity; -30dBu
Screwdriver adjustable front panel recessed gain control


Loop Output Drive Voltage10.2Vrms (14.5Vpk)  at maximum output current per channel
Loop Output5Arms (7Apk) continuous 1kHz sine wave peak >7A per channel
Drive Current
  • Cont. pink noise 2.5Arms short term peaks >10A per channel
  • Front panel recessed controls
  • Drive current indicated on two 6-LED displays in 3dB increments
Loop ConnectorsNeutrik NL4 Speakons (supplied) one for each output
Loop MonitorProvides access to monitor actual loop current via a 3.5mm stereo headphone connector on front panel
Channel A on left, channel B on right
StatusA pair of isolated relay contacts to indicate system status;
fault = open circuit: system O.K. = short circuit
DC OutputResettable, fuse protected 12V 0.1A.


Frequency Response80Hz to 6.5kHz
Automatic Gain ControlThe AGC is optimised for speech. Dynamic range >36dB
Metal Loss CorrectionCorrects system frequency response due to metal structures in a building.
Gain constant at 1kHz, adjustable gain slope from 0 to 3dB per octave.
This does not compensate for signal loss from metal structures which can be significant.
Phase ShiftUser selectable at 0° or 90° between outputs


Fault MonitoringFault indicators on the front panel;
  • Clipping – delivering over the rated voltage (per channel)
  • Temp – unit is too hot (temporarily mutes output signal)
  • Loop error – short circuit / open circuit error (per channel)
Status ContactA pair of relay contacts are provided for remote fault monitoring
CoolingTwin variable speed fan cooled. Front inlet, rear exhaust.


SizeFull width 1U 19" rack mount.
Width 430mm Depth 220mm Height 44mm
Mounting OptionsFreestanding
1U 19" rack mount (brackets included)
EnvironmentIP20 rated; 20 to 90% relative humidity; 0 to 35ºC

Ashton Audio in conjunction with Ampetronic can design your induction loop system for you.  Simple induction loop designs are free, complex array systems will be charged for at a nominal rate.  You can request a design through our 'Contact Us' Enquiry Form.

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