Single Array Loop Single Array Loop
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Single Array Loop

Product ID: SALoop
Brand: Ampetronic

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Single Array Loop

  • Areas with metal loss but wider than 2-6m maximum
  • Only for fixed seating areas, e.g. theatre, classroom
  • 1 loop amplifier required

To ensure your induction loop is both designed and installed correctly Ashton Audio recommends consultation with our Technical and Project Support team prior to quoting.
All loop proposals are provided FOC.  
Simple designs are also free of charge.  
More complex designs requiring computer simulation are chargeable.  
Fully certified plans, cable layouts and guidelines are supplied with all paid designs.

Single Array Loop documented design for rooms where metal loss prevents the use of a perimeter loop.

Only suitable for fixed seating venues.

A design quotation will only be given following a consultation with our Technical and Project Support team

Ashton Audio in conjunction with Ampetronic can design your induction loop system for you.  Simple induction loop designs are free, complex array systems will be charged for at a nominal rate.  You can request a design through our 'Contact Us' Enquiry Form.

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