Tempest Blizzard Projector Enclosure - 6550.INO Tempest Blizzard Projector Enclosure - 6550.INO
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Tempest Blizzard Projector Enclosure - 6550.INO

Product ID: T6550-INO
Brand: Tempest

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Indoors, outdoors, the new generation Blizzard enclosures from Tempest will protect your investment and ensure long equipment life.

Proven outdoors in every climate type, and now running silently in meeting rooms and theatres around the world, the new Blizzards are the best protection there is for your 3-15,000 lumen projector.

Tempest – undisputed leader in specialist enclosures for high powered lighting and digital projectors – now offers a spectacular set of enhancements to the world’s most popular projector enclosure family.



  • Aluminum, plated and epoxy powder coated for excellent corrosion resistance, stainless steel
  • Heavy duty stainless steel latches, may be padlocked for security
  • Removable cover for projector access
  • Standard light bronze (Outdoor/Indoor), White (HUSH). Custom colors to order
  • Tempest Lighting patented DEC3.3 control system (Outdoor), Tempest MiniDEC (Indoor, HUSH)
  • High-power AC fan(s) change(s) air every 1-2 seconds when projector lamp is on


  • Height:  36cm
  • Width:  76cm
  • Shipping Weight:  43kg
  • AC Voltage : 230 Volts
  • Product Weight:  31kg
  • Construction:  Aluminum
  • Certifications:  UL
  • Outdoor - Yes


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