Unity 12ch x 16A Dimming-Switching Module. Unity 12ch x 16A Dimming-Switching Module.
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LSC Lighting Systems

Unity 12ch x 16A Dimming-Switching Module.

Product ID: UDM12-16
Brand: LSC Lighting Systems

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Unity 12ch x 16A Dimming-Switching Module.  RCBO per channel, TRUpower, 200uS risetime. Circuit breaker monitoring and Load detection.

Unity Dimmer Module

The UNITY Dimmer Module (UDM) is a 12-channel x 10/16A 4RU component and combines the same features as LSC’s revolutionary and highly successful GenVI dimmer rack and utilises TruPower and PTFD (Pulse Transformer Fired Dimming) technology.
Each channel can be configured for direct power control or for dimming traditional fixtures.

  • TruPower (relay switching that bypasses the dimmer circuitry) directly connects the output circuit to the incoming power via a mechanical relay, an LSC invention
  • PTFD allows control of tricky loads including neon, motors and low-wattage practicals without the need for a dummy load
  • 8-or 16-bit DMX controlled dimming, allows for the precise control for dimming LEDs
  • Current Controlled Technology, an LSC first in controlling the turn-on of high-powered loads to reduce nuisance tripping due to in-rush currents
  • High-quality and virtually silent


  • Modules have a pushbutton located above each of the breakers that can be pushed to immediately bring up the configuration for that channel on the UCM display.
  • Channels can also be set to switch ON automatically as soon as a valid DMX signal is applied and OFF when the DMX signal is no longer present
  • All modules - UDM, USM & ULM offer RCBO protection per channel
  • Optional Neutral Disconnect MCBs are available upon request.
  • All modules can be ‘hot-swapped’ and plug in with self-centering connectors
  • Quick release front panel ¼ turn Camlocks to secure module in place and enable power
  • Inputs can be single or dual DMX, ArtNet or sACN
  • Cabinet option of 48 channels or 96 channels
  • Central monitoring and control can be provided remotely over RDM or Ethernet
  • Rugged all-metal construction
  • Made in Australia with a full two-year warranty


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