Unity 12ch x 16A TruPower Switching Module. Unity 12ch x 16A TruPower Switching Module.
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LSC Lighting Systems

Unity 12ch x 16A TruPower Switching Module.

Product ID: USM12-16
Brand: LSC Lighting Systems

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Unity 12ch x 16A TruPower Switching Module..  RCBO per channel, TRUpower with Zero Cross switching. Circuit breaker monitoring.

Unity Switch Module

The UNITY Switch Module (USM) is a 12-channel x 10/16A relay only module for direct power control.

  • The UNITY switching module provides 12 channels of switched mains-power control
  • Zero cross-switching – ensures that switched power circuits are turned on at the zero-cross point to minimise nuisance tripping when circuits are relay controlled
  • Individual channel indicator LED on front panel showing tripped circuit breaker, phase fail and channel drive
  • Selectable Auto Power Mode – channels can be set to switch On when DMX is applied and Off (after a programmable delay of up to 60 minutes) when DMX is no longer present


  • Modules have a pushbutton located above each of the breakers that can be pushed to immediately bring up the configuration for that channel on the UCM display.
  • Channels can also be set to switch ON automatically as soon as a valid DMX signal is applied and OFF when the DMX signal is no longer present
  • All modules - UDM, USM & ULM offer RCBO protection per channel
  • Optional Neutral Disconnect MCBs are available upon request.
  • All modules can be ‘hot-swapped’ and plug in with self-centering connectors
  • Quick release front panel ¼ turn Camlocks to secure module in place and enable power
  • Inputs can be single or dual DMX, ArtNet or sACN
  • Cabinet option of 48 channels or 96 channels
  • Central monitoring and control can be provided remotely over RDM or Ethernet
  • Rugged all-metal construction
  • Made in Australia with a full two-year warranty


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