Applause Automatic Applause Automatic
5 stars - "Review for Applause Automatic" This Applause Automatic is the best Hand Dryers I have tried.
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  • Applause Automatic - Image 1
JD Macdonald

Applause Automatic

Product ID: handdryerapplauseauto
Brand: JD Macdonald

FEATURES Designed for quiet operation. Automatic operation. Durable aluminum casing. Tamperproof & safe intake opening. Easy installation. Electrical connection by cord & plug or direct wiring. Applause dryer can be installed with cord & plug over power point (GPO) to create impression of direct wiring. Made in Australia. SPECIFICATION Electrical 230/240V. Supply 50Hz AC 10 AMP. Motor 65Watt, 2500 RPM. Element 1.6KW protected by thermal cut-out. Air velocity 16.2m/s. Noise level 69dB (A). Gross 3.9kg. Shipping 4.5kg. Certificate of Suitability no. CS/761/Q. Electrical Safety Requirement AS 3304- 1995. FINISH White powdercoated finish. Charcoal trim.

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