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  • Speed Humps - Image 1
WA Safety

Speed Humps

Product ID: BS-MID
Brand: WA Safety

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Standard Duty Speed Humps 

Modular speed control system consisting of 500mm body & 180mm end modules.

Each unit is 50mm high.

Manufactured in high quality natural rubber and come in either yellow or black.

When laid in an alternating pattern they meet the Australia Standards for colour,

height, shape and ramp angle.

Suitable for car parks, schools , shopping centres or factory or industrial complexes.




 Body Module Yellow–250mm W x 320mm L x 50mm H  - 4kg ea


Body Module Black –250mm W x 320mm L x 50mm H -4kg ea


End Module-Yellow - 250mm W x 200mm L x 50mm H - 2kg ea


End Module-Black - 250mm W x 200mm L x 50mm H - 2kg ea

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