Channel Islands Sampler Spine-Tek Surfboard Channel Islands Sampler Spine-Tek Surfboard
4.5 stars - "Review for Channel Islands Sampler Spine-Tek Surfboard" This Channel Islands Sampler Spine-Tek Surfboard is the best Shortboards I have tried.
  • Channel Islands Sampler Spine-Tek Surfboard - Image 1
  • Channel Islands Sampler Spine-Tek Surfboard - Image 1
Channel Islands

Channel Islands Sampler Spine-Tek Surfboard

Product ID: samplerst
Brand: Channel Islands
From: $1,095.00 AUD

Sampler Spine-Tek


  • Colour: Clear
  • Construction: SPINE-TEK - EPS + Epoxy
  • Fin Set Up: Thruster
  • Fin System: FCS II or Futures
  • Foil/Rails: Slight Down
  • Concave: Generous single concave
  • Rocker: Flat, racy entry and center rocker
  • Exit Rocker: Ample curve out the tail for tight transitions and airs
  • Outline: Full but sleek in the front half
  • Tail Shape: Wide old-school squash
  • To be ridden approx 2-4 inches shorter and the same or slightly thicker than your normal shortboard.


Take your good wave game to conditions that are not. The Sampler was developed with Dane Reynolds to be that step-down board you ride a little shorter and wider in smaller or weaker surf while not sacrificing performance. It fits in your quiver between something fishy like a High 5 or Pod Mod and your normal shortboard.


Channel Islands are proud to work in collaboration with Shapers Australia to launch SPINE-TEK; a precision engineered stringer utilizing a unique composition of berglass and resin. SPINE-TEK is advantageously compatible with polyurethane, polystyrene and epoxy. SPINE-TEK is designed through the principles of elastic energy, to ex under pressure and then return the surfboard back to its natural rocker, providing surfboards with a more lively and responsive feel.

Overall, SPINE-TEK delivers superior strength, durability and ex-based performance to Channel Islands surfboards. Weighing less than four ounces, SPINE-TEK replaces traditional timber stringers and is virtually break-free. Installed in the surfboard deck, SPINE-TEK allows the board to load up on energy and respond with exponentially more drive, with increased reactiveness, speed and power.

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