Ezzy Taka5 Red Ezzy Taka5 Red
3.5 stars - "Review for Ezzy Taka5 Red" This Ezzy Taka5 Red is the best Windsurfing Sails I have tried.
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  • Ezzy Taka5 Red - Image 1

Ezzy Taka5 Red

Product ID: taka5r
Brand: Ezzy
From: $872.00 AUD

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The Taka is a special sail, designed for hard core wave sailors. Hardcore wave sailors are a small group of windsurfers who stand out for being passionate in a sport of passion-driven people AND who live with sandy car seats, religious devotion to forecasts, and dreams of dropping into breaking waves. These are people who need a sail that is effortlessly maneuverable while wave riding but still stable and powerful in a straight line. They need a sail that will withstand the bomb set wave as it breaks on their head. They need a sail that they can trust not to break, especially when the conditions are critical. They need a sail built 100% for waves with no compromise in performance or durability.

 Taka5 Luff  Min
Luff Max Boom Boom No. of Ezzy Mast Weight kg Extension
Size (sq.mt.) Cm  Cm Min Cm  Max Cm  Battens Base/Top
3.4 352 356 130 140 3 340/340 2.692 14-18 cm
3.8 367 371 133 143 3 340/370 2.764 14-18 cm
4.1 377 381 141 151 3 370/370 2.880 8-12 cm
4.5 388 392 150 160 3 370/400 3.048 4-8 cm
4.7 394 398 153 163  370/400  3.124 10-14 cm 
5.0 400 404 158 168 3 370/400 3.190 16-20 cm
5.3 413 417 161 172 3 400/400 3.322 14-18 cm


  • Unbreakable Solid Hand Tapered RBS Epoxy battens
  • Ezzy Sails work on skinny masts (RDMs) as well as coventional diameter
  • Precision Calibrated Downhaul System
  • 100% Technora Warp Scrim, White and Colour fusion Trilite and Spectra X-Film,High Density Spectra X-Film
  • Removable stainless steel low profile downhaul pulley which can be replaced with a D-ring
  • Very tough mast sleeve material resists reef cuts
  • Head is reinforced with adhesive-backed, woven polyester
  • Three-ply reinforcement on the leech with built in leech stabilser battens
  • Low-profile, screw batten tensioners
  • Outhaul and downhaul gauges shows you how much tension you need
  • Foot reinforcement protects the sewing from the board's texture
  • Mesh pocket in mast pad for downhaul line
  • Super-thick mast pad wraps around your universal and flips up for easy rigging.
  • Tack strap doubles as strap to keep sail rolled up in the sailbag
  • Small vinyl window gives perfect visibility and improves durability
  • Endrobatten construction produces a symmetrical profile on both the starboard and port tack
  • Adjustable head webbing allows for different mast sizes and system removes flapping webbing
  • Built in removable padded toe jam added to bottom of mast pad
  • Water proof clew patch
  • Each sail is rigged in Ezzy's Sri Lankan loft for quality control.
  • Heavy duty sail bag with drawstring closure (no amming zippers) and mesh drainage base
  • Built in stainless steel batten tension adjuster screwdriver
  • Spare long webbing headstrap to rig on a longer mast
  • Laminated rigging and sail care instructions,cool Ezzy sticker and a mini sail keyring.

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