Ezzy Zeta 5 Batten Red1 Ezzy Zeta 5 Batten Red1
4 stars - "Review for Ezzy Zeta 5 Batten Red1" This Ezzy Zeta 5 Batten Red1 is the best Windsurfing Sails I have tried.
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  • Ezzy Zeta 5 Batten Red1 - Image 1

Ezzy Zeta 5 Batten Red1

Product ID: zetared1
Brand: Ezzy
From: $925.00 AUD

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If you’ve windsurfed for as long as we have, you remember David Ezzy’s North Zeta from the late 80’s and early 90’s. The original zeta shocked the sail world and became the forerunner of the modern 5-batten wave sail. Fast forward 25 years of intensive R&D: a new Ezzy Zeta is born. Get ready for the rebirth of a legend!

The new Zeta keeps the lightness and easy feel of the 3 and 4 batten Ezzy wave sails but adds 5-batten stability and responsiveness. This Ezzy Zeta is powerful and easy to control, and is equally at home on a wave at Margaret River or screaming across the Swan River on a windy afternoon.

The Zeta features our calibrated rigging system which means you can rig your sail exactly the same way David does. Just downhaul until the line on the gauge lines up with the bottom of your mast and you are ready to sail. To insure our quality, we make the Zeta in our own factory. And like every Ezzy sail, the Zeta is rigged, calibrated, and thoroughly checked before it goes in the bag and out the door. With the re-birth of the Ezzy Zeta, the future of five batten wave sails is here.  

 Standard Features:

  • Unbreakable Solid Hand Tapered RBS®Epoxy battens
  • Precision Calibrated Downhaul System 
  • Ezzy Sails work on skinny masts (RDMs)as well as coventional diameter.
  • 100% Technora® Warp Scrim, Trilite and Spectra® X-Film,High Density Spectra® X-Film
  • Removable custom 316 marine grade stainless steel low profile downhaul pulley  (swap to D Ring)
  • Weft-Stop Sleeve tough mast sleeve material resists reef cuts
  • Head is reinforced with adhesive-backed, woven polyester
  • Three-ply reinforcement on the leech with built in leech stabilser battens
  • Low-profile, screw batten tensioners
  • Outhaul and downhaul gauges shows you how much tension you need
  • Foot reinforcement protects the sewing from the board's texture
  • Mesh pocket in mast pad for downhaul line
  • Super-thick mast pad wraps around your universal and flips up for easy rigging.
  • Tack strap doubles as strap to keep sail rolled up in the sailbag
  • Small vinyl window gives perfect visibility and improves durability
  • Endobatten construction produces a symmetrical profile on both the starboard and port tack
  • Adjustable head webbing allows for different mast sizes and system removes flapping webbing
  • Built in removable padded toe jam added to bottom of mast pad
  • Water proof clew patch
  • Each sail is rigged in Ezzy's Sri Lankan loft for quality control.
  • Heavy duty sail bag with drawstring closure (no jamming zippers) and mesh drainage base
  • Built in stainless steel batten tension adjuster screwdriver
  • Spare long webbing headstrap to rig on a longer mast
  • Laminated rigging and sail care instructions,cool Ezzy sticker and a mini sail keyring.

Ezzy 2017 Zeta Specs

Size Sq.M Luff Medium  cm
Min Boom cm
Max Boom cm
Ezzy Mast Base/Top Extension Weight Kg Battens
3.7 359 139 148 340/370 6-8 cm 2.865 5
4.2 379 148 157 370/370 10-12 cm 3.054 5
4.7 402 156 165 370/400 18-20 cm 3.244 5
5.0 414 156 166 400/400 14-18 cm 3.334 5
5.2 420 160 170 400/400 20-24 cm 3.460 5
5.5 432 165 175 400/430 18-20 cm 3.556 5
5.8 440 169 179 430/430 24-28 cm 3.638 5
6.4 454 179 189 430/430 18-20 cm 3.838 5
6.8 477 181 190 460/460 18-20 cm 3.996 5

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