Solrx Waterblock SPF 50 100 Ml Spray Pack Solrx Waterblock SPF 50 100 Ml Spray Pack
3.5 stars - "Review for Solrx Waterblock SPF 50 100 Ml Spray Pack" This Solrx Waterblock SPF 50 100 Ml Spray Pack is the best Sunscreen I have tried.
  • Solrx Waterblock SPF 50 100 Ml Spray Pack - Image 1
  • Solrx Waterblock SPF 50 100 Ml Spray Pack - Image 1
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Solrx Waterblock SPF 50 100 Ml Spray Pack

Product ID: 516783
Brand: Solrx
From: $19.99 AUD

SolRx’s flagship sport sunscreen made in USA

SolRx’s Spray Dry spray on sunscreen was specifically designed for athletes in that like most spray sunscreens, which contain SD-40 Petroleum based alcohols, it does not dry the skin.

It is made with a naturally derived grain alcohol so it delivers to the skin like an alcohol, but engineered not dry your skin out. You and your skin can stay hydrated while also being protected from the sun’s harsh UVA/UVB rays. Not only does our spray sunscreen keep from drying out your skin, but it is known for your grip on golf clubs and/or tennis rackets by wicking away water and sweat.

Spray Dry UVA/UVB protection sunscreen is further boosted by the addition of extended UVA/UVB protection. UVA/UVB protection is extremely important because UVB rays cause sunburn and can potentially cause skin cancer. UVA rays cause premature aging, including wrinkling and dark spots. SolRx Spray Dry sunscreen spray has the perfect combination of UVA and UVB protection which makes it perfect for athletes and sunbathers with normal or sensitive skin.

Paraben Free, Non-Sticky or Greasy Spray Sunscreen

SolRx Spray Dry spray sunscreen is also oil free so it’s not greasy, paraben free and it will not hurt eyes. Spray Dry sunscreen will protect your skin, in and out of water for 8 hours, compared to the competitions’ claim for only 80 minutes. Spray Dry water resistant sunscreen spray has been tested and proven by AMA testing labs with the 8 hour immersion test to withstand sweat and water for 480 minutes. With SolRx spray sunscreen in SPF 30 or SPF 50, athletes, lifeguards, and sunbathers alike can apply, and be protected for 480 minutes. Find out why our Spray Dry by SolRx is one of the leaders in spray sunscreen among athletes around the world.

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