Alamos Malbec Argentinia Alamos Malbec Argentinia
5 stars - "Review for Alamos Malbec Argentinia" This Alamos Malbec Argentinia is the best Malbec I have tried.
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Alamos Malbec Argentinia

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Brand: Alamos
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Taste a Real Malbec

Poetry, and the Taste of Malbec

It's been said that\"wine is bottled poetry", but - as far as we know - there isn\'t a written poem that you can also drink. This gives wine the clear edge.

Never to back down from a challenge, here at Alamos we have been inspired to craft a wine that captures the poetry of Mendoza, and a set of poems that just might give you a true taste of Malbec.


Heavenly Mist


Flavors of black cherries and deep plum cascade like an avalanche,

releasing a heavenly mist of violet and cocoa powder aroma.

Ribbons of Smoke

Ribbons of smoke beckon from the grill,

sparking a hunger for charred, crackly crust

ripe for the spicy bouquet of deep plum malbec flavors.


Spicy Bouquet

One sip releases a spicy bouquet

of deep plum flavor,

enveloped in warm vanilla,

leaving Malbec\'s unforgettable imprint.


New Tango Riffs

The first embrace

sends Malbec\'s deep plum flavor

thundering like a tango guitar

while tastes of cocoa fall across layers of vanilla

in a soft sway.

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