Baitz Kirsch Liqueur 500ml Baitz Kirsch Liqueur 500ml
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  • Baitz Kirsch Liqueur 500ml - Image 1

Baitz Kirsch Liqueur 500ml

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Brand: Baitz
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A clear cherry Brandy that originates in eastern Europe, Kirsch is used in desserts and cocktails but it is best enjoed in a small glass, warmed by your hands.
Kirsch is not actually a liqueur (as often thought) but a stone fruit brandy. It can be produced using a variety of ingredients including cherries, prunes or plums. Slivovitz is comparable. The crushed kernels of the fruit are included with the fruit juice before fermentation as they infuse the brandy with a fine, bitter tang. Baitz Kirsch is bottled for sale at high alcoholic strength (32% alc./vol.) and is unsweetened. It is clear and colourless with a sharp acid cherry nose. The palate is strong and penetrating, finishing with a sharp acid cherry flavour.
  • TypeLiqueur
  • Size500mL
  • Current VintageBaitz Kirsch 500mL
  • Standard Drinks13.0
  • Alcohol Volume32.0%
  • CountryAustralia
  • StateVictoria
  • Brand NameBaitz
  • Spirit StyleFruit Liqueurs
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