Madfish Pinot Noir 750ml Madfish Pinot Noir 750ml
4.5 stars - "Review for Madfish Pinot Noir 750ml" This Madfish Pinot Noir 750ml is the best Pinot Noir I have tried.
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  • Madfish Pinot Noir 750ml - Image 1

Madfish Pinot Noir 750ml

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Brand: Madfish
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 Pinot Noir


 Great Southern

Pinot Noir is hugely sensitive to grape growing hazards i.e. the weather, which makes sense as it’s very thin skinned. But at MadFish, we believe being thin skinned isn’t all bad. It gives a pretty, light to medium colour, possess attractive fruit flavours of cherries, raspberries and strawberries and, for a red wine, not too much drying tannin.


Anyone who writes about great Pinot Noir always includes reference to romance, sex, elusiveness and seduction. This is probably because of Pinot\'s inherent perfume, silky tannins and enticing fruit flavours.

Red berry fruits, a silky mouthfeel, gentle acidity and elegant tannins give the MadFish Pinot Noir its vibrancy of flavour and a lovely long finish. Inviting scents of cherries, plums and exotic, sweet spices fill its bouquet.

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