Pitchfork Chardonnay 750ml Pitchfork Chardonnay 750ml
4 stars - "Review for Pitchfork Chardonnay 750ml" This Pitchfork Chardonnay 750ml is the best Chardonnay I have tried.
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  • Pitchfork Chardonnay 750ml - Image 1

Pitchfork Chardonnay 750ml

Product ID: 780935_master
Brand: Pitchfork
From: $19.00 AUD

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COLOUR: Brilliant appearance, pale straw with green hues.

NOSE: Fermentation in stainless steel tank allows the full expression of Chardonnay fruit aroma without the influence of oak or lees resulting in a bright, clean tropical fruit bouquet.

PALATE: The palate is rich with tropical fruits, clean zippy acidity balances the sweet fruit character resulting in a bright fresh flavoursome palate. When good quality Chardonnay is used unwooded Chardonnay takes on a whole new level of depth and intensity.

VARIETY: Chardonnay 100%
ALCOHOL: 13.0% growing region: Margaret River

Vegan Wine

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