Puni Nova The Italian Malt Whisky 43% Puni Nova The Italian Malt Whisky 43%
3.5 stars - "Review for Puni Nova The Italian Malt Whisky 43%" This Puni Nova The Italian Malt Whisky 43% is the best Scotch Whisky I have tried.
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  • Puni Nova The Italian Malt Whisky 43% - Image 1
Puni Nova

Puni Nova The Italian Malt Whisky 43%

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Brand: Puni Nova
From: $140.00 AUD
  • ABV 43%

A three year old malt matured in both American & European oak. Reportedly, barley aswell as malted rye and malted wheat are used.

Tasting note: Almost water like with a pale straw blush. A mildy fruity nose reminiscent of many Speysiders (think Glenlossie, Glencadam, Tomintoul) offering stewed orchard fruits (apple / pear) and light lucerne-like notes freshened up by a touch of peppermint. Follows through with a medium bodied, semi-sweet, fruity / grassy profile with a peppery quality to the spirit and some sharpness to the finish (perhaps the rye coming through?) Could be mistaken for Speyside Scotch in a blind line up. 43% Alc./Vol. 

Puni is the new Italian whisky distillery, with production beginning in 2012, and the Nova is amongst their very first releases.

A grain whisky distilled from malted rye, wheat and barley (hence the Italian Malt Whisky tagline, all the grains have been malted) this has been matured for three years in American oak before being rested in virgin oak.

The distillery is one of the most remarkable looking in the world, and the innovative approach to production and design is represented in the award-winning bottle design. 

Puni is located near the Ortler mountain range in the Alps, northern Italy. Their barley is sourced from Austria while the wheat and rye is grown locally.

Tasting notes 

A very fresh nose, pear, wheat grain, dried honey and bark. Palate is driven by caramel, with more pear-esque ripe fruits and spices. It is very soft and creamy, as you would expect from a grain whisky of its ilk, but the rye helps bring out some spice as well. Finish is a decent length considering this is a young whisky and buttery - if the nose was crisp that the finish is definitely soft

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