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4 stars - "Review for Organic Gin" This Organic Gin is the best Gin I have tried.
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Organic Gin

Product ID: OrganicGin
Brand: Wise Wines
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Organic Gin Description

Nose: Junipers, fresh pine needles, dried bay leaf, bath salts.

Palate: Full and smooth, dry Juniper backbone which is followed by a broad and sweet spice on the mid palate. It has an underlying fruitiness and is subtly spiced with pepper, The finish is long smooth dry and with a touch of exotic spice, pepper and lemon.

Wise Organic Gin: 700ml - 40% ABV

For the cleanest, most natural way to enjoy your Organic Gin ? pour over ice. Alternatively, mix with Fever Tree Naturally Light Tonic Water and a twist of lemon or lime if you must.

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