Streamlined Boom Front End for SDM Mast Streamlined Boom Front End for SDM Mast
3.5 stars - "Review for Streamlined Boom Front End for SDM Mast" This Streamlined Boom Front End for SDM Mast is the best Boom Accessories I have tried.
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  • Streamlined Boom Front End for SDM Mast - Image 1

Streamlined Boom Front End for SDM Mast

Product ID: 980135
Brand: Streamlined
From: $220.00 AUD

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"The new Streamlined Dyneema Boom Head"

"The new Streamlined Dyneema Boom Head" Nearly ten years ago we introduced our very unique, out of the box design, alloy built, "Strap-on Boom Head". It is light and strong and has changed the game when it comes to boom heads. The sensation of an absolute solid boom/mast connection has raised all rig performance. Today we are introducing our new version, "The Dyneema Boom Head" design. This new design was conceived by Yves Kohler of MB-Fins in Switzerland. Yves shared his concept with me and together we developed the changes to my existing Strap-on design. The primary difference is that our new design incorporates two Dyneema lines instead of the straps to hold the head onto the mast. Each lever has a cast-in cleat so you simply put the line loop around the mast onto the other side of the head, pull the knot to cinch it up. Then cleat the line into the open lever and then shut the lever. Dyneema is amazing rope known as the best down-haul line available. It is actually named "Super Down-haul" because of its strength, non-stretch, long wearing, reduced friction, and excellent cleating. The Dyneema Boom Head" design attaches and adjusts to your mast quickly and tightly, it is easy to use. The Dyneema boom head lines are simple to change when the time comes. [an old down-haul line can make two new head lines] Standard features of Streamlined alloy boom heads past and future: +Light weight, super strong cast aluminum, machined and anodized frame. Our alloy heads start stiff and stay stiff unlike heavy plastic parts that flex more and more and eventually crack. +Hi tech urethane bushings protect and cushion your carbon boom and mast. +Inherent excellent design spreads the load on both the boom and mast and virtually eliminates breakage at their intersection. +There are two models, one for SDM(blue) and one for RDM(red) +The Streamlined Dyneema Boom Heads weigh only 394 grams which is under 14 ounces. +Our heads are easy to install onto your boom with four screws and nuts and one too (hex wrench which is included) Both the SDM and RDM heads can be fitted onto any boom that has a straight and round section at the head area that is 10.5 centimeters or 4 1/8" wide.

They fit booms from Neil Pryde and Chinook at 35 millimeter or 1.375" diameter, Streamlined at 37 millimeter or 1.450" diameter, and Maui Sails at 39 millimeter or 1.540" diameter. We have discontinued the Strap-on version of our boom heads.

  • 4000 with bushings to fit Streamlined 37mm diameter
  • 4000-NP with bushings to fit Neil Pryde and Chinook 35mm diameter
  • 4000-MS with bushings to fit Maui Sails 39mm diameter
  • Weight=400grams

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