ARX  Four Channel Mic-Line Mixer ARX Four Channel Mic-Line Mixer
5 stars - "Review for ARX Four Channel Mic-Line Mixer" This ARX Four Channel Mic-Line Mixer is the best Mixing Consoles I have tried.
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  • ARX  Four Channel Mic-Line Mixer - Image 1
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ARX Four Channel Mic-Line Mixer

Product ID: MIXX
Brand: ARX

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Four Channel Mic/Line Mixer


  • Only 1 RU high
  • Balanced XLR Mic Inputs and Outputs
  • 3 way EQ and Pan controls
  • Switchable Phantom power
  • User friendly layout
  • Flawless performance in any audio environment


  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Industrial Paging/BGM Systems
  • AV Systems/CD/VIDEO
  • Clubs/Gyms/Karaoke/Restaurants
  • Studio, Live and Broadcast Submixers
  • Mic Pre-amp/Mixer for Hard disk recording, Modular Digital Multitrack, ADAT

ARX introduces the MIXX 4 channel Microphone/Line mixer,with 3 way EQ on all four channels, plus Balanced XLR master outputs on the rear. It's the companion product to theMIXXMaster: another innovative mixing product. Use the MIXX for more microphone channels; use the MIXXMaster for more line channels.

Great Features
Each Microphone/Line input on the MIXX has 3 way EQ and Pan controls, plus Balanced Low Noise Microphone pre-amps. All 4 Channels also have a direct output, ideal for recording applications.

Switchable Phantom power is available on all four Mic Inputs

AC Power

Both the MIXX and MIXXMaster models are available as a 100 to 120V AC model or a 220 to 240V AC model, and AC power is connected to the unit via a standard three pin IEC connector, with built-in fuse and voltage change switch.

With its superb audio quality, massive headroom and intuitive interface, the MIXXMaster and the MIXX series are the total solution to today’s install requirements.

You'll never compromise on Quality when you choose ARX


Input Gain:
Variable 20dB-60dB on each channel by rear panel trim control, plus Mic/Line input switch
Channel Level:
Infinity to +6dB Gain
Channel Pan:
True L and R constant level Control
Channel EQ:
Low 100Hz 15dB Cut/Boost Shelving
Mid 800HZ 15dB Cut/Boost Bell, Broad Q
High 10KHz 15dB Cut/Boost Shelving
Frequency Response:
20-20KHz +or- 1dB
Below .005% 100Hz to 10KHz
Master Outputs Signal/Noise:
-90dB unweighted.
Phantom Power:
+48VDC switchable on all Microphone Inputs
Microphone Inputs:
Electronically Balanced XLR connector
Channel Outputs:
150 Ohms Line Level jack connector
Master Outputs:
Electronically Balanced XLR 300 ohms Line Level
Max Output Level:
Open Buss Outputs:
Virtual Earth Signal Level, 5 pin DIN connector with shielded cable
AC Power Requirements:
100-120/220-240 VAC 50/60HZ 8VA (8 watts) 3 pin IEC connector with removable cable

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