ARX  UniMIX Mic-Line AV-Podcast Mixer ARX UniMIX Mic-Line AV-Podcast Mixer
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  • ARX  UniMIX Mic-Line AV-Podcast Mixer - Image 1
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ARX UniMIX Mic-Line AV-Podcast Mixer

Product ID: UniMIXX
Brand: ARX

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UniMIX    Mic/Line AV/Podcast Mixer


  • Automatic Gain Control for consistent audio recording levels
  • 6 Mic/Line Input channels with Balanced XLR Inputs
  • Dedicated stereo Line In channel
  • Individual Level controls from infinity through to +6dB
  • Master Level controls
  • Dedicated Transformer Isolated Recording Level control with Balanced XLR Output
  • Transformer Isolated Balanced XLR Auxiliary Output
  • Numbered Marker panels for channel assigns
  • Headroom to handle the hottest signals
  • Flawless performance in any audio environment

These days, more and more educational institutions such as colleges, universities and high schools are expected to provide downloadable recordings - podcasts - of lectures and classes, for students to access at all times on the local area network. These recordings are typically taken from the classroom/lecture theatre sound system and saved to a computer in real time.

Problem 1: Getting the correct recording level is hard, given that the level requirements are different to those of speakers.

Problem 2: Maintaining a steady input level to the computer requires continual monitoring to prevent digital overload.

The Solution

Introducing the new UniMIX from ARX: Six Balanced XLR Mic / Line input channels with individual level controls, plus a dedicated stereo RCA jack Line In channel.

Each Mic/Line input has infinity to +6dB of Level available on the front panel, as well as a 10 to 50dB Input Gain control. The stereo Line Input channel has a –10 to +10dB Level Trim control, to allow accurate matching of any line level signals.

On the rear panel, each of the 6 electronically balanced Mic inputs can be switched to Line via individual switches.

Multiple Masters
For the room system, the UniMIX has 2 Balanced XLR outputs, with 3 way EQ and its own Master Level control.

The Recording Output is a single Balanced XLR Output, transformer isolated to prevent ground loops and associated noise.

Automatic Gain Control
The Recording Master also has its own Automatic Gain Control circuitry. Specially tailored parameters ensure that levels remain constant, irrespective of Mic placement and user technique.

The result is a consistent level for the recording, providing increased intelligibility, removing the need for fulltime monitoring and the risk of overloading and distortion.

The final Master control feeds the main signal to a transformer isolated Balanced XLR Auxiliary Output. This can be used for future expansion, remote monitoring or for feeding a wireless transmitter or other device.

Global Phantom Power is available on all Microphone inputs with a rear panel switch with associated front panel status LED.

Wide Dynamic Range

Internally, careful attention to the signal path design, using precision components found in high-end mixing consoles, has resulted in a unit with very wide dynamic range.  The UniMIX has enough headroom to cope with the hottest line signal, and better than digital noise specifications

Universal AC Power

AC power range is a universal 100 to 120V or 220 to 240V AC, and is connected to the unit via a standard three pin IEC connector, with built-in fuse and voltage change switch.

You'll never compromise on Quality when you choose ARX


Input Impedance Mic:
4K Ohms Balanced, Line 22K Ohms Unbalanced
Input Gain Microphone:
Variable 10 dB to 50 dB with rear trim control, Mic / Line switch -20dB
Output Level ( Max)
AGC Threshold
–50 to –20 dB
AGC Output Gain
–20 to +20 dB


Phantom Power:
+48VDC switchable on all Microphone Inputs
Output Signal/Noise (@ unity gain)
-90dB A weighted, all inputs @ Unity, Master @ Unity
Dynamic Range
Master Output EQ
Low 100Hz 15dBCut/Boost
Mid 800HZ 15dB Cut/Boost Bell, Broad Q
High 10KHz 15dBCut/Boost
Master Outputs
Electronically Balanced XLR 300 ohms Line Level Balanced Output Connectors Male XLR: Pin 1 Ground, Pin 2 +, Pin 3 –
Frequency Response
20Hz-20 KHz ± 1dB
Distortion (@ unity gain
Below 0 .0035%, 100 Hz to 10KHz
Input Connector Type
Mic/Line - Amphenol Female XLR, Hi Z Input - Phono (RCA type)
Output Connector Type
Amphenol Male XLR
Recording Output Connector Type
Amphenol Male XLR

Front Panel Controls

Individual Level controls for each input channel - infinity through 0db to +6dB
Individual Gain Controls for each Input channel, 10 to 50 dB
Stereo Line In Level and Trim control
Master Output 3 way EQ and Level control
System Status LEDs
Recording Master Level control and Automatic Gain Control Threshold trim
Auxiliary Master Output control
Marker panel for labelling input channels

Rear Panel


6x Female XLR Balanced Inputs wired Pin 1 Audio Ground, Pin 2 +, Pin 3 –
RCA type Stereo Line Inputs
Transformer isolated XLR Balanced Recording Output
Left and Right Male XLR Balanced Outputs, wired Pin 1 Audio Ground, Pin 2 +, Pin 3 –
Transformer isolated Auxiliary Master XLR Output
Global Mic input Phantom Power switch

Removable IEC type AC input connector, with inbuilt fuse

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