Bosch  4inch Ceiling Speaker Bosch 4inch Ceiling Speaker
4 stars - "Review for Bosch 4inch Ceiling Speaker" This Bosch 4inch Ceiling Speaker is the best Speaker Systems I have tried.
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Bosch 4inch Ceiling Speaker

Product ID: BCS-CS4E
Brand: Bosch

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4" Ceiling Speaker

The BCS-CS Series of Ceiling Loudspeakers are part of the 'EasyFit' range from Bosch.

They are lightweight, quick and easy to install, and ensure good quality music reproduction, plus excellent speech intelligibility.

The BCS ceiling speakers use a dual cone single piece loudspeaker with 100V matching transformer mounted directly onto the frame.

The BCS range are AS60849 EVAC compliant.

Not all 4" Ceiling speakers are created equal - the BCS-CS4 from Bosch are a cut above the rest.

Bosch Communication Systems have developed a 4" ceiling speaker (BCS-CS4) that offers wide bandwidth for good quality background music reproduction and a wide dispersion angle for improved coverage and speech intelligiblity.

So, what does this all mean? In most applications, a wider dispersion of sound allows you to use fewer speakers to cover the same area in comparision to other brands of 4" ceiling speakers, meaning significant savings on installation cost can be achieved.

The improved sound quality helps you deliver better speech intelligibility for paging and emergency messages, which is a critical component of AS1670.4, the installation Australian Standard governing emergency sound Systems. Better sound quality also means that background music is made much more pleasant for the listener.

The 'Rota-clamp' fitting system allows ceiling speakers to be fitted (and removed) quickly, without damaging delicate ceiling tiles, which is a real advantage if you have to 'make good' on your project.

For Public Address, Background music, and EVAC, the BCS-CS4 loudspeaker offers an economic and high performing solution for your projects.  Try them with the new Bosch Plena Easy PA System!


• 4" Ceiling speaker - 5 watt

• Wide bandwidth for music reproduction

• Wide dispersion for speech intelligibility

• Simple output-level selection

• Easily flush-mounted in ceilings or bulkheads

• Dependable rota-clamp fixing system

• Blends in with virtually all interiors


  • Colour White
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 202 x 90 mm
  • Frequency Response 50Hz - 17kHz (-10 dB)
  • Power Rating 5 watt (RMS) 8 watt (Peak)
  • Transformer Taps 5, 2.5, 1, 0.5, 0.33 watt
  • Warranty 3 Year

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