InterM  PAC-5000A  Mixer Amplifier 24 Zone Combination Mixer Amplifier - not network controllable InterM PAC-5000A Mixer Amplifier 24 Zone Combination Mixer Amplifier - not network controllable
3.5 stars - "Review for InterM PAC-5000A Mixer Amplifier 24 Zone Combination Mixer Amplifier - not network controllable" This InterM PAC-5000A Mixer Amplifier 24 Zone Combination Mixer Amplifier - not network controllable is the best Mixer Amplifiers - 100volt I have tried.

InterM PAC-5000A Mixer Amplifier 24 Zone Combination Mixer Amplifier - not network controllable

Product ID: PAC-5000A
Brand: InterM
From: $4,233.00 AUD

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The PAC-5000A is the latest generation combination all-in-one Public Address system. The PAC-5000A design was inspired from Inter-M’s PAC-5000. The PAC-5000A with its dual 300W per channel of Class D amplifier offers twice as much power than its predecessor the PAC-5000.

New features include Software Controlled and Configuration, multiple source playback including an internal MP3 Player, Multi-zone paging, emergency pre recorded messaging.

The PAC-5000A mixer amplifier is a digital multi-zone amplifier system offering up to 24 separate zone switching/selection and BGM facilities. The PAC-5000A has 24 zone outputs separated into 2 groups of 12. Each group is powered with a 300W amplifier for a total of 600 Watts of power. Built in to the PAC-5000A is an AM/FM tuner, a media and a CD Player. The mixer has 6 microphone inputs on 3 pin XLR, a telephone paging input and 3 aux inputs on dual RCA sum-to-mono.

The PAC-5000A has all the functions of a large multi-device system integrated in one easy to install unit. This all –in-one space saving, source, mixer, amplifier and zone speaker selector is an ideal system for a small budget. The Inter-M PAC-5000A is both mains and DC powered.

The PAC-5000A is the ideal all-in-one compact integrated system for many applications including shopping centres, halls, office blocks, retirement homes and apartment complex installations.


  • BUDGET AND SPACE SAVING INSTALLATION - The system incorporates most of the current PA functions, plus emergency and normal broadcasting abilities; thus allowing budget and space saving installation.
  • DUAL BROADCASTING SYSTEM - With two-channel (300W+300W) high power amplifier built-in, dual broadcasting is possible in 24 Zones separated by A/b channels.
  • DIGITAL PROCESSING & DIGITAL AMPLIFIER - Adopting the use of clAss-D Amplifier to reduce the total weight, power consumption and operating temperature.
  • BUILT IN VARIOUS SOUND SOURCES - The system provides FM tuner, Media (cD/DRP/Usb) player and two AUX (1,2) inputs for flexible usage.
  • LIFE TIME EXTENSION OF CD MECHANISM - Has the ability to copy the music cD to the internal memory (DRP) to extend the life of the CD mechanism.
  • USB HOSTING - MP3/WMA files on the USB memory can be copied to internal memory (DRP) or play directly.
    • PAC-5000A: Using Rs-232c terminal allows remote control from Windows application on the PC. 
    • PAC-5600: Using a network port for remote control from the web page is possible.
However, CD EJECT, TUNER Memory operation including each input level volume cannot be controlled.
  • SYSTEM EXPANSION - System can be expanded up to 4 units via the lInK-In/oUt terminals while sharing the audio source. (MASTER 1 Unit, SLAVE 4 Units)
  • 24 CHANNEL SPEAKER SELECT (ZONE 1~ZONE 24) - The system provides 24 channel zone selections, which can be divided into two groups for multiple broadcast areas and with system expansion total of 120 channels can be operated.
  • EQ ADJUSTMENT - EQ adjustment is possible with built-in DSP.
  • REMOTE MIC CONNECTION - Maximum of four remote MIcs can be connected to one unit of the system, and with installation of key pad one of the four units can be used up to maximum of 120 channels.
  • BUILT IN MONITOR SPEAKER - One can monitor the broadcast content with a built-in monitor speaker.
  • EMERGENCY POWER AND BATTERY CHARGING - System has battery charge connect terminal for battery charge to provide emergency power.
  • FIRE DETECTION AND EMERGENCY BROADCASTING - The system provides 24 channel sensor input terminals for automatic fire alarm broadcasting. It also provides the recording function of personalized alarm message.
  • CHIME AND SIREN - Built-in chime (4 scale, 2 scale) and sire (continuous Wave) can be used to broadcast in the event of an emergency. Also users can change the siren and chime.
  • INCREASED INPUTS MIC/LINE - System has 5 MIC/LINE input jacks that can be selected by a switch, phantom power (Dc 24V) is also supplied for enhanced compatibility.
  • BUILT IN EM MICROPHONE (CONDENSER MICROPHONE) - EM microphone is built-in to the front panel making emergency broadcast a simple task.
  • MP3 / WMA SUPPORT - Unit supports MP3/WMA and CD-DA.
  • PRE-PROGRAMMED BROADCASTING - Broadcast can be pre-programmed by either Pc tIMeR or stored source.
    • PAC-5600: Pre-Program Maximum 50/Holiday Maximum 30 (stored source, PC TIMER).
    • PAC-5000A: Pre-Program Maximum 100 (PC TIMER).
(Pre-Programs can be controlled by broadcasting web pages and Windows applications)
  • RACK MOUNT - Rack mount bracket is included with the unit.
  • SPEAKER LINE CHECK FUNCTION (PAC-5600 ONLY) - Check connected speaker for functionality.
  • BATTERY CHECK FUNCTION (PAC-5600 ONLY) - Check the condition of the battery.


Model PAC-5000A PAC-5600
AUX INPUT (AUX IN @ 1kHz, 100V/33.33, 70V/16.6 LOAD OUTPUT)
Rated Output (@ T.H.D 1%, GROUP A + GROUP B) 300W+300W
Input Sensitivity -10 ± 3dBV
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (S/N) >65dB
EQ Control (100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz) ±10 ± 3dB
Frequency Range (1W Power Output, ±3dB) 50Hz ~ 20kHz
MIC/LINE 1~5 Input (MIC/LINE @ 1kHz, POST OUT)
MIC Input Sensitivity -55 ± 3
MIC Signal-to-Noise Ratio (S/N) >80dB
MIC Frequency Characteristics (80kHz LPF, 0±3dB) 50Hz ~ 20kHz
MIC Phantom Power 24V
MIC Total Harmonic Distortion (T.H.D) <0.5%
LINE Input Sensitivity -10 ± 3dBV
LINE Signal-to-Noise Ratio (S/N) >80dB
LINE Total Harmonic Distortion (T.H.D) <0.3%
CD (TEST CD 0dB, 1kHz @ REC OUT)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (S/N) >75dB
Frequency Characteristics (80kHz LPF, 0±3dB) 100Hz ~ 20kHz
Signal-to Noise Ratio (S/N) >55dB
Frequency Characteristics (80kHz LPF) 0±3dB 100Hz
0±3dB 9.5kHz
REC OUT -10 ± 2dBV
Data Transmission Method RS-232 10/100 Base- Tx
Transmission Distance ≤10M  ≤500M
Cable Type USB to 232 cable Category 5 UTP Cable
Data Transmission Method RS-485 Serial
Transmission Distance ≤500M
Cable Type Category 5 UTP Cable
Priority Control EM MIC > FIRE > PRIORITY INPUT > EM >
Fire Sensor 24 Channel
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +40°C
Power Source AC 100–240V, 50/60Hz, DC 24V
Power Consumption (1/8W) 135W
Weight (SET) 11.1kg/24.4lb 11.2kg/24.7lb
Dimension (SET) 440(W)×177(H)×380(D)mm/17.3(W)x 7(H) x 14.96(D) in


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