Mipro Portable PA System 70watts Mipro Portable PA System 70watts
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Mipro Portable PA System 70watts

Product ID: MA705PAM-5
Brand: Mipro

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Portable PA System   70watt   

MIPRO Portable PA, 70 Watts with Wireless Mic Receiver, 8" full range speaker, integrated dual gel cell batteries.  XLR/6.35mm Combo Mic Input, Single RCA Line Input, Single RCA Line Output. Use on a table or speaker stand.  Can be optioned with a second MRM70B wireless module and CDM2 CD/USB/Bluetooth Module. 9.8kg.  5NB frequency band.

Ideal applications include:
School classrooms & halls
Places of worship
Presentations, seminars and meetings
Day-care activities; playground duty
Indoor/outdoor gatherings
Weddings & funeral services
Shopping center & trade show presentations and promotions
Street performers
Aerobic and fitness centers
Recreational and social activities

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