QUEST Digital Power Amplifier 2 x 490 Watt QUEST Digital Power Amplifier 2 x 490 Watt
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QUEST Digital Power Amplifier 2 x 490 Watt

Product ID: Q1K
Brand: Quest

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The Quest Q1K is the new leader in Architectural Audio amplification. Ultra small in size and big on features, this small footprint high fidelity amplifier is an audio powerhouse that will deliver full performance from the compact Quest MX and HPi loudspeaker series. Either as a standalone studio quality stereo amplifier, or as a part of a more complex multi channel system, the Q1K is the system designer’s ideal solution.

One Q1K amplifier consists of two channels of 500W, including the option for a 1000W bridge mode (minimum 4Ω). Audio quality is studio class, which places the Q1K comfortably both at home, on the stage, or in the studio. As a reference amplifier the Q1K is clean and transparent and its ultra-compact and fashionable appearance is a space saver anywhere it is installed. In bridge mode the amplifier can also operate as a 100V/70V line, 1000W power amplifier. Ideal for distributed systems where high quality and stable high power is required.

Each Q1K amplifier is a ¼ rack width wide, by 2RU high. Combined with the Universal Rack Kit it is possible to mount four Q1K amplifiers into a single 2RU space. Delivering 8x 500W, or 4x 1000W, or a combination (both high and low impedance options are available).

Behind the Q1K’s removable ‘Q’ badge is an impressive selection of switchable functions. Simply remove the badge (with the provided Quest TL02 tool), and an installer can configure a range of filter settings and amplifier modes. Available are independent channel high pass filters either 30Hz or 80Hz, and an independent 100Hz low pass filter. All filters are 4th order Butterworth. The filter selections are ideal for setting crossover points for subwoofers, and mid-top boxes. Other features include the ability to sum both input channels, bridge the amplifier, and ground lift. Front panel functions can also be selected including: VU Meters Mode, Auto Standby Defeat, Front Panel Lighting Dim, and Front Panel Lock.

Each Q Series amplifier is designed, engineered, and hand assembled in Australia. The product then undergoes a rigorous quality control program to ensure high performance and high reliability.


  •  Black
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 87 x 110 x 330 mm
  • Impedance 8 Ohm or 100 volt
  • Power Rating 2 x 490 watt @ 4 ohm
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Weight 3.1 Kg


User Manual

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