QUEST Power Amplifier 2 x 875 Watt QUEST Power Amplifier 2 x 875 Watt
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QUEST Power Amplifier 2 x 875 Watt

Product ID: QA2004
Brand: Quest

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QA 2004 power amplifiers are designed to lower operating costs while working hard in the tough environment of pro audio.

Industrial spec multi-speed fans and generous heat sinks will keep the output stage cool even if the amplifier is installed in a dusty and poorly ventilated area.

Service and maintenance is easy as the internal architecture is laid out for easy access by a qualified technician. The sonically superior output stage is composed of a generous abundance of output devices for greater electronic stability and sonic fidelity.

QA series amplifiers are manufactured to a standard accepted as desirable practice for a concert standard power amplifier. Heavy gauge welded 16-gauge steel chassis with vibration proof fittings, and an emphasis on over-engineering, guarantees years of trouble-free service in the most demanding environments.


  • Pro active protection senses stages of system function to safeguard your investment both on turn on and while under operation. Silent switch on/off circuitry reduces potential speaker damage in the event of intermittent power.
  • The high current power supply is manufactured to function reliably at high temperatures and well exceeds industry standards. This results in smooth bass response and considerable dynamic headroom.
  • Dual heavy duty cooling fans guarantee long life of all electronic components.
  • XLR parallel male and female input connections calibrated for most pro spec system controllers and electronic cross-overs. features
  • International AES standard Speakon connectors wired for two channel and Bridge mono operation simplify speaker connections.
  • A switchable high speed limiter acts as a final speaker protection but can be disconnected where sensing speaker system controllers are required.
  • High Amplification and low pass filters on each channel make the versatile QA series even more flexible with a sub-mid/high frequency dividing network.
  • Adjustable input switching for 0.775V, 32 dB or 26 dB make system calibration easy.
  • User serviceable air filters are easy to maintain for trouble free operation.


  • Colour Silver
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 89 x 483 x 496mm
  • Impedance 8 ohm
  • Power Rating 2 x 870 watt @ 4 ohm
  • Warranty 2 Years
  • Weight 21 Kg


QA Series Sales Brochure

QA Series User Manual

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