Roscotiles   White   .914m x .91m Roscotiles White .914m x .91m
5 stars - "Review for Roscotiles White .914m x .91m" This Roscotiles White .914m x .91m is the best Floor Treatments I have tried.
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  • Roscotiles   White   .914m x .91m - Image 1

Roscotiles White .914m x .91m

Product ID: `300084153636
Brand: Rosco

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Roscotiles   White   .914m x .91m

Rosco Studio Tiles

Rosco Studio Tiles are rugged, hard wearing floors for video production facilities and television studios.
They lay flat for temporary, as well as permanent studio installations and can stand up to the weight of camera dollies.

The durability of the tiles makes them the perfect choice for studios converting to HD by creating a more fluid surface which benefits the sensitive nature of filming in HD.

Studio Tiles are available in Black, Grey and White.

Width:    3' - 0 (.914m)
Length:    3' - 0 (.914m)
Thickness:    1/8" (3mm)
Weight:    12 lbs.   5.443kg
PSI:    2500 lbs.   1,134kg

Use This Floor For:
TV Studios
Production Facilities

Semi-Permanent w/ double stick tape
Permanent w/ latex or Epoxy* Adhesive
   * When rolling load is a concern, Epoxy adhesive is recommended.

Recommended Cleaner:
Rosco All Purpose Cleaner and Rosco Heavy Duty Cleaner (Contact Rosco for floor wax options to achieve a high gloss finish).

Product Number

300 08422 3636     Black Studio Tile
300 08435 3636     Grey Studio Tile
300 08415 3636     White Studio Tile


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