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Konig and Meyer

Smartphone Holder

Product ID: 19745
Brand: Konig and Meyer

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K & M
Smartphone Holder

Your smartphone is always within reach with this universal holder. 

The holder is suitable for flat devices, e.g. smartphones or MP3 players with a width of 46 to 76 mm.
It's quick and easy to use - simply place the smartphone in the holder and close the clamping jaws - finished. 

The device is released at the press of a button.
The clamping jaws, with integrated moss rubber protectors, ensure a strong grip and eliminate undesired vibration sound problems.
To ensure functioning of the operating controls is not affected, the bars of the holder can be removed and re-inserted on the reverse side of the holder.
The holder can be switched between portrait and landscape format. 

The stable clamping element with ergonomic knurled screw means the holder can be attached to shafts max. 30 mm diameter.
The holder can be freely positioned by means of the 110 mm long holding arm.



• to be attached to tubes up to 30 mm diameter

• particularly suitable for smartphones, flat devices and MP3 players

• operating elements are not impaired in their function

• freely rotates 90°

• flexible holding arm for individual alignment

Colour    Black
Dimensions (H x W x D)    Length from 46 to 76 mm
Material    Plastic
Warranty    5 Years
Weight    0.18 kg

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